“Sometimes, it is best to ignore your own tiredness and take care of your friends when they need you.” ~Buddy Bertelsen

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friends Are Fabulous!

I have been so busy in recent months but had the time to say "Woof!"...which...in dog language means, "I sure have missed visiting with you and if you have a treat I hope that you will share it with me." We canine's like to keep things simple.

I have had such an amazing week!  The sun has been shining almost every day, my people have shared almost every meal with me and my sisters AND I got to play with my friend Baby.  Baby lives next door.  The people say she is a Pit Bull. I just say, she is beautiful, and fun, and super-duper strong! 

I sit in front of the large magic portal in my lair and patiently wait for her to appear.  I then alert my people to the fact that she is awaiting my presence by uttering the most soulful sound I can muster.  They don't always understand me but I realize they are not the fastest learners and I humor them until they get it. Why they are considered the superior species is beyond me.

Once I am able to get my message across, my people open the door and I leap off the porch to greet my friend. We love to frolic and play! We tumble and run, chase and wrestle. It is something I look forward to every day!

One day, I went out to play with Baby and I took a toy out with me. That rascal took my toy next door and set it down on the grass, sat beside it and dared me to come and get it.  Being the gentleman that I pride myself in being, I let her have it. Who wanted that ratty old, delicious, favorite bone anyway?

After an hour of our frolicking, I was so exhausted I had to retreat to the indoors. Baby was not as tired as was I and she came to the door begging my people to let me back out.  Sometimes, it is best to ignore your own tiredness and take care of your friends when they need you.  I love Baby and I am so glad she is my friend.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I LOVE to Learn! But Really Now.....

I am a very intelligent dog.  My mom tells me all of the time. I take great pride in being an animal of understanding. 

Recently I have been studying the English language with all of it's alliterations and idioms and soliloquies and find it a generally easy language to learn relying on a lot of common sense.  I must admit, however, I am struggling with a more recent phrase that my mom has been trying to teach me and hope that SOMEONE...ANYONE... could help me in my continuing quest of education and domination of the English language.  

The phrase...... Thin Ice.  Example in a sentence form; 
Buddy, you are walking on thin ice!  

Now, I fully comprehend the idea of ice that is thin and ice that is thick but when my parents utilize this phrase it does not seem to fit the circumstance in which it is said.  Let me give you some pictorial examples and maybe this will help....

                                                                                                                    Thick Ice
                              Thin Ice>

Thick Ice

                                              Thin Ice>

Thick Ice


                               Thin Ice>

Naturally, you see my frustration with this one phrase.  Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Am Happiness In A Fur Coat!

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the snow!  We did not have this white fluffiness in New Mexico!  I really cannot believe my good fortune!  Enjoy the video!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Condo to Starter Home

I begin by apologizing about not letting you know the goings on and intricacies of the last few months but, I have been SO busy!  I will have my mom be more diligent in typing for me (as I do not have opposing thumbs) and getting the word out!

With that said...I must tell you something very interesting. Not long ago, approximately 2 dogs years in fact, I had attacked the lazy animal by the big portal in my lair.  Within a few days my people were diligently at work building me a starter home in my outdoor Garden of Eden.  This would not have upset me in anyway except for the fact that they had already bequeathed me a condo.  Certainly the work I had done to the animal was not worthy of an elevated living arrangement.  I tried to convince them that I was perfectly happy staying inside with the lower level animalia but they would hear none of my protests!

Maybe I should first describe my situation in the condo.  It was a lovely little place with a beautiful view of the yard, the house and the side street.  My dad had built a redwood deck for the floor so as not to get my trusty paws dirty while enjoying my time there.  When I describe the condo as little I must say that the measurements were six feet square and four feet tall.  Perfect for my solid and well carved out stature.

At first, I really liked the condo....from a distance of course.  Problems arose, however, once I entered the unit and my mom would close the door and leave me there.  Why? Why? Why!? Did she realize that I would not be available to assail and assuage predators from this location thereby leaving our security system with a serious chink in the armor!? Was she fully aware of the fact that she allowed the other animalia full run of home and yard?  But alas, it was my fate and the only recourse was to show her the error of her ways.

While I consider myself  an amiable fellow, I must admit that I did give a bit of a struggle for my mom when she tried to coerce me into the condo.  Heaven knows that there are dogs in the world who do not even have a condo and I personally would like to donate mine for their use.  I have done perfectly fine without one and feel it would be selfish of me to withhold such a fine living quarter when there are those fellow canine who are doing without. I tried this method of persuasion with my mom but she would have none of it.  Into the condo I went.  Away to work went she. That is when I had a brilliant idea.

On the scale of brilliant ideas I would actually rate this a 9.999.  I would have given it a 10 but a dog such as I believes there is always room for improvement.  I quickly got to work rearranging the metal of the walls in the condo so as to fashion a small portal.
Feeling that I must continue to enhance my amazing skills, I made the hole just slightly smaller than one I could easily fit through.  A good challenge always keeps one at the top of ones game;) Within a few precious hours I was able to reside in my lair, on guard, until my family came home.

They were so amazed at my diligence and skill in rearranging walls in the condo!  So much praise was given to me on this glorious day. I shall burn it into my memory so as to recall it often. 

Within days my dad decided it was time for me to move to the next level of skill and he lined the inner walls of the condo with boards.  Surely he knew of the talents I possessed!  I am proud to report that it did not take me nearly as long to use those boards as a way to exit the condo leaving me, again, available to protect home and family. The look of excitement on their faces when they returned home was priceless.

It took my dad a few more days to figure out the next test level for me and the condo.  The nature of it still eludes me but I will say, it was like a covering to a portal.  Across the entire top of the condo were boards and metal.  While this did provide some relief from the elements, I have yet to conquer this level and return to my position.

Many days, too many for my mind to want to recall, were spent in the condo through the warm season and into the fall.  My mother confided in me that she was concerned about the elements as the days would be getting much colder.  She shared this with my dad and shortly after rendering the larger animal in the living room lifeless (see previous post) my dad blessed me with .......wait for it......... a starter home.

Yep...10 foot by 6 foot by 6 feet tall....no idea why they had to make it so tall....sheer happiness.  Home away from proverbial home.  Mom put a nice comfy pillow in it for me and a heated water bowl.  What more could a dog ask for?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

That was no animal!

I was so busy this afternoon! I love feeling energetic and excited and full of mischief. I realize this is a time in my life I may never get back and I want to make the most of it. And I have!

Today, I enjoyed playing with the very big animal that I generally use to perch myself upon in front of the big opening near my lair. It looks like an opening but when trying to exit through it you always get stopped by what appears to be a very strong magical force. My mom calls it a window, I call it problems.

So, back to the big animal in front of the opening....it is really kind of a lazy animal. It actually only moves when I jump on it and that is only a little movement. It is also not very muscular, probably due to its lack of movement I suspect.

I knew it wanted to play. It was tempting me with its fluffy bigness! First I did my super agile leap followed by a jaw clamping down into the vast fluff. This was all done in the most playful of ways of course. That animal played possum! I am pretty certain a possum it is not, but I was almost fooled. I jumped onto the floor, assessed for any damage and chose to sneak upon my new playmate with all the gusto I could muster. As my glistening white canines broke through the outer covering I pulled back with great force to find I had revealed the guts. My animal instinct took over. It was as if I could not control the urge to remove the entrails of this thing.....it couldn't really be an animal...could it? It never eats or drinks. Hasn't ever attacked me back. I have only seen my mom cover it up with a blanket and tell me to get off of it at times. Well, I decided to get to the bottom of this....I removed all of the entrails onto the floor of my lair.
That is when they returned, my family.

Mom saw what I had done. I was so excited that I had discovered the truth about this thing in our home, saving her years of worry and concern. I was ready for my medal of honor and all the hugs and kisses a dog of my stature and experience deserves. Oddly, this is not what happened. Mom just stood there, so still, kind of like that animal I just rendered lifeless. It was so surreal. Then, to capture this precious moment Mom got her camera and took pictures, for the family history book I am sure. She must be in awe of my power and strength though because she really didn't give me the hugs and kisses I thought I would be getting. I do think, however, that they have put a special order in for my new medal of honor, I will make sure she lets you know what it is.

Well, that's my update for now. I am off to bury some important documents in the backyard for security purposes of course!

Monday, August 23, 2010

How much excitement can one dog have in a day?

I found a big bag of crunchy little morsels on the patio shelf and pulled it down to play with it. It was BIG! I had to drag it around a bit before some of the morsels came out of it and it could finally fit through the magic portal where I could take it to my lair. Those little morsel are....well....little and they got everywhere! I tried to cover them up with other useful household items, unsuccessfully of course.

I found one of the very delicious items that my people like to hold and tempt me with on occasion. I played with it for a while....until it wasn't fun anymore. My mom said it is a book called "Deathwatch". I will have to do further research to understand what this means.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I love birds. They are delicious!

I wanted to share a wonderful recipe with you that I shared with my mom the other day.

Buddy's Favorite Bird Snack

1 Unsuspecting Bird (preferably a Robin)
1 Perfectly clean braided rug
1 Devoted, Strong, Handsome and Caring Dog

Mix together vigorously and serve. If feathers do not get EVERYWHERE you have not mixed vigorously enough.